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Marketing your vacation rental with video is the most effective way to show off your house, condo, or apartment and increase bookings.

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Movement grabs attention, and videos draw in the eye and makes you want to see more!

Welcome to the New Way of Marketing Your Vacation Rental

Here's why you will love Vacation Rental Video Marketing Pro

Creative Content

Content marketing is the most cost effective way to build a brand. We use blog posts, photos, and video marketing tell a story about your vacation rentals that draws people in and makes them want to rent from you!

Built for Business

Whenever we work with vacation rental property owners, they know we understand them and their business. The VRVM Pro team creates products that are built for business owners, by business owners.

Beautiful Video

Video marketing allows prospective guests to step inside your home and get a feel for what it will be like when they book their stay. Our team highlights the best features of your home, plus everything that goes into the overall experience!

Video Marketing:
Invites People Into Your Home

Inviting someone into your home, even if it's "just a vacation rental," is one of the most powerful and intimate things you can do. You house, condo, apartment, or loft is a home, and video marketing for your vacation rental is the perfect way to invite people in! Let our team record a video tour of your home, highlighting the areas you love, and introducing renters to the experience they'll have when they choose to spend their vacation with you.

Video Marketing:
Shows, It Doesn't Just Tell

You've put a lot of hard work into creating a beautiful living space for your guests, show it off! You vacation rental is too important to simply describe. Videos added to your website will highlight the uniqueness of the space, show prospective renters what they'll get when they book with you, and allow them to envision their vacation, surrounded by their friends, family, and loved ones, in your home. Let our team show your space to the world!

​Video Marketing:
Builds Trust With Guests

When booking with a person, renters can be skeptical, and they wonder if the property actually looks like it does in the pictures. Video marketing your vacation rental is the smart choice, because videos show transparency and convey openness. When you show off your property on video, and your guests can step inside right from their phone or laptop, they'll trust you more and be more likely to book their stay with you!

About the Owner

Ellory started his business in 2012 with a blog. Now Ellory attracts tens of thousands of visitors to his websites each year, and has helped thousands of people grow their business. Ellory is an expert at content marketing - generating content to market a business- and wants to leverage that expertise to help vacation rental property owners.

Ellory Wells
Vacation Rental Video Marketing Pro

5 Reasons You Should Work With
VRVM Pro to Market Your Vacation Rental

  • As your renters change, so should your marketing. Over 50% of new parents prefer video to reading.
  • People of all ages would rather watch a video than read a brochure. Videos get  your message heard!
  • Quality Matters! All of our videos are at movie studio quality 1080p/30fps. Photos are 20+ Megapixels.
  • You'll get a ton of support, both from our expert coaches and from the thousands of fellow members!
  • You get an SD card of every photo and video we take. You retain rights and can use them anywhere!

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